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A librarian's files

I'm a children's writer, a book reviewer, a passionate science fiction fan, a slush reader and art director for Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. I have done some books, short stories, articles, mostly in the children's sector, but have had some fantasy tales published. I also have a day job, working in the school system, as a teacher-librarian. That puts me in touch with my potential market, which is nice, though I daydream of the time when I can write more or less full time. In Australia, there are only a few writers who can do that. Even some of the big-name writers have day jobs.
I live in Elwood, Victoria, near the beach, but not within view of it. My "garden" consists of the pot plants on my balcony, and unlike most writers, I have no cats. The road is too busy and I haven't the heart to leave my pets alone all day, locked inside. People keep giving me plants and I have a hard time resisting, though I'm running out of space. I love my balcony garden, such as it is.

Because I already have two blogs, this might be a general journal, in which I will write about the everyday personalised things I wouldn't use my blogs to write. Book reviews are in my blog The Great Raven, as well as on www.januarymagazine.com. But I'll discuss my writing and my fannish stuff here, and everything else I happen to feel like at the time.